My WORK:  I am a private practice therapist in St. Louis, Missouri.  I have been a clinical social worker for over 15 years and have been in private practice for 5 of those years.  I work with a lot of different folks, mostly adolescents and adults, who are struggling to heal or make peace with parts of their life.  I take great pride and pleasure in helping people make important connections, work out things they were previously too fearful to even speak of, go places in their soul that are in need of tending, and emerge with more strength and joy than they imagined possible.  For more information on my business, you can visit my website at KellyStorck.googlepages.com.

My BLOG:  I decided to start this blog in case someone out there might want to know more about my work, my thoughts or my experience of the world.  I am very passionate about being a therapist and all that comes with exploring the deeper parts of people and the space we take up.  My hope is that someone, perhaps just like you, will connect to something they see here and be better for it.  As in my work, we rarely know the real impact of our words, touch or time.  I hope you find something here that moves or inspires you.


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