This Therapist’s Therapist

I have just returned from yet another enlightening visit with my Supervisor.  For those of you that do not know or who resist the simple truth of it– supervisors are like therapists for therapists.

As it is for most folks in therapy, I simultaneously revel in and dread the experience of lobbing my stuff out there to another human being.  That said, I do really  appreciate the chance to give up my spot in the chair for a spot on the couch.  It provides me a chance to get what I am more often responsible for giving.  A chance to get my share of the comfort, support, patience, challenges, inspiration and understanding that marks my own work.  All human beings need it to flourish.

One of the first things you have to do is assure you have the right human being with whom to entrust your “stuff”.  When it’s right, you will always get something.  The list includes, but is absolutely not limited to, the following–a new idea, a new question, permission to be just who you are, a revelation, a comforting word, or some moment of clarity that feels like a big ol’ gift.   If it is not right, you will inevitably leave with more confusion and less of your self, more doubt and less power.  You are looking for safety, support and growth.  Insist upon it.

It sounds kinda simple and maybe you’re thinking that I should save my money and counsel myself or call a friend.  I’m a sucker for saving a buck, especially in a recession, but this therapy thing is money and time well spent for me.  It’s true that I walk out with less money in my pocket but it always pays me back.  Perhaps it is a moment I can go easy on myself or an answer that finds its way to me eventually or an opening that lets the next good thing into my life.  No, it’s not groceries or a fabulous new pair of shoes but it’s all good to me.

The biggest bang for my buck?  Remembering that being rich is never simply measured by how much you have, how much you do or what’s in the bank.  The greatest wealth, and the goods nobody can take from us, is our richness in spirit, joy, love and life.  And more good news–it is ours for the taking.  I wish any and all of you who are seeking or are currently in therapy the same kind of enriching experience.  I hope you find that it pays you back too…


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